Top 5 Waterproof Android Phones Review

Top 5 Waterproof Android Phones Review- Now a day, we notice the technological developments in the mobile phones sectors. Could anyone ever think of the full touch screen and a keypad will come in our hands. Similarly, have you never ever thought of bathing with your mobile phone? Yeah, that is possible. Many electronic companies has introduced us smart phones that are able to resist water. So, you will be tension free if your phone washed away or bathed in the rain. However, here are 5 lists of waterproof phones that can give you a try.

* Sony Xperia Go: 

Sony declared about this one before 2012 and it is the first mobile phone comes in the market including waterproof features. A study has shown that it has the ability to stay under water up to half an hour. Sony Xperia Go contains 3.5inch screen, Dual core processor with 1GHz, 5MP camera and Android 2.3 runs it.

Sony Xperia Waterproof Android Phones

* Panasonic Eluga Power:

Panasonic does not belong to smart phones section rather than it is pretty for one that you can have. It’s waterproof; you can dip it into water about 30 minutes. Like other water proof mobile phones, it has some amusing characteristics namely Dual Core Qualcomm with 1.5GHz, 8MP camera, 5 inch touch display, Processor with Adreno 225GPU Snapdragon. Android 4.0 powers it.

Panasonic Eluga Power Waterproof Android Phones

* Sony Xperia Z:

Sony has made us introduce with the Android Phones in 2013 CES. Their IP57 model is water and dust resist and is able to stay under water about 30 minutes. Without the waterproof mobile phones, Quad-Core Qualcomm with 1.5GHz Snapdragon Processor, It has a full screen, and with 13 MP camera. Moreover, Android 4.1 has made it powerful.

Xperia Z Black Waterproof Android Phone

* Sony Xperia Acro S:

It is good looking mobile phone that competes with other waterproof Android mobile phones. It can stay under water up to thirty minutes. It has 4.3-inch finger screen, Dual Core Qualcomm With 1.5GHz, Snapdragon Processor, auto focus, and 12 MP camera including LED flash. Android 4.0 runs it.

Sony Xperia Acro S Waterproof Android Phone

* Motorola Defy:

Android phone has a lot of extra ordinary features. Motorola Defy + has come with fully waterproof, and it is able to remain under water about 60 minutes. It has 5MP stern camera, Gorilla Glass sheltered TFT Screen, 1GHz processor, and it has come with completely updated.

Motorola Defy Waterproof Android Phone

These are the list of our best five Android waterproof mobile phones, and there remain many manufacture companies, which are working on the smart phones, when they power, we would update those. However, make me know about your favorite one and share it if you choose.

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