Anticipated Google Glass Review And You Can Also Get One

Anticipated Google Glass Review And You Can Also Get One- This could be a magic that is able to change your future. You have ever heard about a smart glass? Yes, this spectacle. Ok, it is coming soon. The search engine Google has introduced the newest concept in the galaxy of technology. Google Glass is particularly more powerful and it is able to take pictures and record videos not using of your hands. It is actually a brilliant one. It will cost $1500.00 that really very expensive but only a short number of men can get it now.

Google Glass - How To Get It By Win

Anticipated Google Glass Review And You Can Also Get One

If you want to take a chance for getting it, you would have written to Twitter or Google Plus post along with the tag- ifihadglass, it should not cross the limit of 50 words, the applicants must explain what they will do with it. They can do it till 27th, February. The judges of Google would pick up the winners who will participate the event held in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in which Google would accept $1500.00 for of the glasses and would give the glasses.

A creep quick look into the apparatus -

This Glass contains the ability to do incredible things, translation of a language, which is worthy. It works like a PC that can be worn on the face and looks like an eyeglass. It is able to enter into the Internet through Bluetooth or even WiFi to a service without wire in your cell phone. You can run the glass moving your heads, speaking, or even touching the frame. This surprising device would run Android OS, it includes such type a glass on your eyes that will have a motion sensors, either 4G / 3G net connection. The world is very much excited for this kind of invention, invented by Google and in the early 2014, any one can buy it.

Anticipated Google Glass

Though it will be officially released in 2014, the developers can hand this device in 2013 and they would received the latest edition but we cannot make you sure that where you can get it to buy. Probably, it will be available in the online and featured on the Google Store, and the Google must make open the showcase about the brilliant invention.

It has made us able to the things, which we could not do previously, and it also has changed our life style. We will never ever lose our way and the world is going to look forward to no doubt.

Anticipated Google Glass Works

It is only the time that can disclose the real product that resembles and would have the abilities, which Google has already showed and we have to wait until 27th February 2014. There will be a vast competition at the coming of it winning a chance for buying the glass. If you possess a creative brain, you can try your fortune and may win the glass.

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