Best 3 Apps To Boost The Battery Life For Android Phone

Best 3 Apps To Boost The Battery Life For Android Phone- Don’t you want your battery to stay for a long time? Of course, Yes. Ok, since you come to know that Android owns a huge market of smartphones as well as the features of the operating systems. I think you would like to be interested playing games for 24/7 or it must be necessary for browsing in the internet all day long for the business purpose but, if the battery is dull just using for a couple of hours, then?

Best 3 Apps To Boost The Battery Life For Android Phone

There are many Android phones as Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 have consisted of potent batteries but each consumer is not able to use and own them. Therefore, what will they do if wish to get longevity of the battery life? The Android applications have come to help for boosting a battery life. Here are given top 3 most battery savers and the download link so feel free for getting them from the google play.

I> Juice Defender-

Best 3 Apps To Boost The Battery Life

You can use an easy and powerful battery saver program. It is capable of maintaining and managing the battery draining elements like WiFi as well as 3G/4G. Juice Defender has come with the cool user connection and it is able to control the battery consumption managing WiFi, CPU speed and CPU speed. It is free and it also has already been downloaded more than 7 million times.

-There remains five Preset profile
-Intuitive and Easy User Connection
-Mobile Data faster automation
-2G/3G faster automation
-WiFi faster automation + Auto Disable option -WiFi Control system
-Battery usage Optimization
-Strong and powerful Connectivity Schedule (regular, peak time /night time, days/ weekends) -Connection Control for the Specific Application with the Descriptive Training mode scaling CPU at the time of idle the phone
-Smart colour control
-Control Bluetooth with the Automatic reconnection
-Log is fully active.

Juice Defender- Download Now

II> Battery Defender-

Best 3 Apps To Boost The Battery For Life

Moreover, another battery saver application has come with some specific features as disable WiFi while you go to turn off the your device. Then, allows the program to syng every fifteen minutes and save the battery and WiFi connection as well as disable data at the time of sleeping hours. There has been got 4.4 rating with the over 16K5 start instructions.

Battery Defender- Download Now

III> Go Battery Saver-

Best 3 Apps To Boost The Battery

This popular application has already downloaded more than 15 million times. It is able to prolong the life of a battery up to 50% by just giving a click on the setting option. The features of unique are pre set three defaults as well as two customs modes for saving a battery, and smart toggle off/on when the screen is off, the abnormal battery action ability, the battery temperature monitors etc.

Go Battery Saver- Download Now

>> We recommend these three Android battery saver applications. All are absolutely free but there some executive plans, plus that are to be paid version. There you can get some extra qualities in paid version apps. So, download/copy your favorite version and make us know that you are using the battery saver applications.

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