How To Install Windows XP In Few Minutes | Tips And Tricks

Most of times a lot numbers of people feel to boring when during windows installation. Usually windows take up to 40 minutes to setup properly and it’s very long time. Now a days, you can see some public professionally business on computer. They are suffering for their valuable times. Therefore, I have a trick on windows installation and save your valuable time. Is it possible? Yes/No. My answer yes, but you may have a question, how to? I describe it here and follow the step1-4 of below.

How To Install Windows XP In Few Minutes Tips And Tricks

How To Install Windows XP In Few Minutes- Just Follow The Steps Below: 

Step1: At first start the computer. Insert bootable XP CD in your ROM drive. Automatically detect to computer in the disc and see the message [Press any key to boot from CD]. Now you can press any key on keyboard and normally start to windows booting.

Step2: After you will see the partition system and select the proper drive which you want the accumulate windows files. Usually every one chooses the select drive c. Then you can format the partition and use quick or normal with FAT/NTFS system. After completed the formatting drive c and automatically all set up files [windows] copied on partition drive C. Then restart the computer and just press [Enter key].

Step3: After rebooting, you will see on the screen and it will take up to 40 minutes to complete windows installation. Now you can just press [Shift+F10 Key] and it helps to open command prompt options. Now you can type [Taskmgr] to open task manager.

Step4: Click the [Process Tab] and you see will find the process [Setup.exe]. Just click on your mouse right button to [Setup.ese]. Then set the priority of process to [high]. Select the real time, that’s assigned [normal] by default.

Thus finished your windows installation with a few [10minutes] and don’t waste your valuable time. Some times, this process completed to take more times. Don’t worry it also depends on your computer processor memory. Enjoy the use trick. No more today. Bye

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